Saratoga Investment Corp


Henri Steenkamp serves as chief financial officer, treasurer and chief compliance officer of New York City based Saratoga Investment Corp. (NYSE:SAR) and Saratoga Investment Advisors, LLC. Steenkamp embodies the service of Saratoga that provides customized solutions to U.S. middle-market businesses. In addition to serving as Saratoga’s CFO, Steenkamp also serves as Treasurer and Secretary. In this role, he leads analytical processes for dividend policy, projections, cash flow and cost of capital. He provides recommendations to senior management and the Board of Directors throughout the process – keeping the CEO, CIO and Directors of Saratoga equipped with essential decision-making statistics.

For the past 30 years, Saratoga Investment Corp. has worked with middle market companies across America, providing a wide range of financial solutions to grow and sustain business. A publicly traded business development company based in New York, Saratoga seeks partnerships with cash flow-positive firms in numerous market sectors and offers customized financing solutions for U.S. middle market companies. With a focus on leveraged and management buyouts, recapitalizations, debt refinancing, growth financing, acquisition financing and more, Saratoga typically invests $5 to $20 million in a given portfolio company.

sarUnder the leadership of a diverse and experienced investment team, Saratoga Investment Corp. brings a dynamic, solutions-oriented approach to its partner organizations, as well as unmatched transactional flexibility. From private equity to mezzanine lending, Saratoga connects middle-market businesses to funding sources that cover the financial spectrum. To learn more, visit

Saratoga Investment Corp. (NYSE:SAR) is managed by investment adviser Saratoga Investment Advisors, LLC.

Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) — Saratoga Investment CEO Chris Oberbeck discusses investing in small- and middle-market companies with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)